Cushioning & Protection

Our Mission

Redbacks Cushioning is about helping people to work safer, more comfortably and for longer, whatever their working or leisure environment. Our mission is to continue to develop class-leading products that promote good health, comfort and wellbeing by reducing pressure on the human anatomy. We only use the highest quality, recyclable materials in our products, to maximise longevity and durability for users, whilst reducing our impact on the planet.


We have applied the Redbacks Cushioning Technology for use as a midsole or insole in a wide variety of shoes, trainers, walking and safety boots. An eminent team of podiatrists, biomechanical engineers and designers worked in collaboration to successfully create a midsole/insole that delivers unrivalled comfort together with outstanding scientifically proven results.

The design has successfully completed the scientific and human testing ‘Proof of Concept’ at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom. The midsole was tested against diabetic footwear, being the most demanding test possible. The results are now being used in the development of regular footwear.


Redbacks Cushioning technology represents a major development for the seating industry, including automotive, rail and aviation, offering the first credible alternative to the traditional polyester fibre wadding, polyurethane foam, metal springs and gels used by today’s manufacturers.

Offering significantly improved user comfort over long periods of use, the product is made from a thin but soft and comfortable Thermoplastic Elastomer with carefully positioned and individually tuned flexible, rubbery leaf-springs. This means the user is lightly, yet supportively cushioned and suspended above hard surfaces, without the need for endless layers of cushioning.



Knees Pads

  • Fitspocketed work trousers
  • 100%recyclable
  • Patented Leafspring technology
  • Waterproof&machine washable
  • Recluces point pressure
  • Distributes weight
  • Penetration protection CE EN 14404 type2level1
  • Protection from hot&cold surfaces
  • Maintains 100%support

Strapped Knee for Pads

  • Fits pocketed work trousers
  • 300%recyclable
  • Patented Leafspring technology
  • Waterproof&machine washable
  • Reduces point press.
  • Distributes weight
  • Penetration protection CE EN 14404 type2level
  • Protection from hot&cold surfaces
  • Maintains 100%support


Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and distribute weight – enabling people to work longer.

  • Contains 20 multi directional Redbacks springs
  • Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and
    distribute weight- enabling people to work longer
  • Unrivalled support and comfort from any direction
    can be used for kneeling,sitting and standing
  • Long lasting anti-fatigue support1
  • Suitable for dry and damp conditions
  • Penetration resistant waterproof base
  • Slip-resistant base to keep mat in place in use
  • Easy to move and carry
  • Thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces
  • Zipped cover for easy removal of internal pad
  • Internalipad can be used without cover
  • Carrying handle
  • Clear central window to show Redbacks multi-spring
    cushioning technology
  • Fully washable cover and internal pad at 30°c
  • 100%recyclable pad
  • Designed for long term use with
  • 100%continuous support